Blair keynote address covering climate talks, EU, Africa, Mideast, US

1. Wide of conference hall at Davos World Economic Forum, British Prime Minister arriving on stage
2. Mid of Blair standing up and reaching podium, thanking audience (applauding before he starts his speech)
3. Cutaway audience applauding
4. SOUNDBITE: (English) Tony Blair, British Prime Minister:
“Without the biggest economies being part of a framework to reduce carbon dependence we have no earthly hope of success. Fortunately, I believe, as a result of recent developments, we are potentially on the verge of a breakthrough. Chancellor Merkel is providing excellent G8 leadership. China and India are participating constructively in the G8 + 5 process that Gleneagles established. ++SPEECH CONTINUES SHOWING BLAIR ON LARGE SCREEN++ They know that they would suffer if the environment degrades further++SPEECH CONTINUES SHOWING BLAIR AT PODIUM++ They have every imperative to be part of a deal, provided it is one that allows them to grow their economies, so they can spread the prosperity they are creating to the millions in those countries still in poverty. And the mood in the United States, I think, is in the process of a quantum shift. The President’s State of the Union address built on his addiction of oil speech last year has set the first US targets for reduction in petrol consumption. ”
5. Cutaway screen showing Blair speaking
6. SOUNDBITE: (English) Tony Blair, British Prime Minister:
“I strongly believe in changing the rules of the European Union to build efficacy in Europe’s power. A Europe of 27 simply cannot operate within the system designed for a Europe of 15. I believe it would hugely help the cause of Africa if the African Union became a strong and cohesive voice and a proper instrument of Africa’s interest.
7. Cutaway screen showing Blair speaking
8. SOUNDBITE: (English) Tony Blair, British Prime Minister:
“But today we see the establishment of a proper democratic state of Palestine as benefiting not just Palestine and Israel, but the wider Middle East and the world. We know too that if Central Africa is given over to conflict it will at some stage be a global threat. Likewise if Iraq or Afghanistan falls back into failed states exporting violence, we are all going to suffer the impact. But we know also that these desirable objectives cannot happen without our active intervention”.
9. Cutaway audience
10. SOUNDBITE: (English) Tony Blair, British Prime Minister (shown speaking on large screen):
“We need proper, well-constructed means of conflict resolution ++SPEECH CONTINUES SHOWING BLAIR AT PODIUM++ and peacekeeping. What is happening in Darfur today is a scandal. It’s not a problem, it is a scandal. Hundreds of thousands of people die or live lives of unbelievable risk and misery because we cannot assemble a proper peace agreement properly enforced with the full weight of the international community behind it.”
11. Cutaway screen showing Blair speaking
12. SOUNDBITE: (English) Tony Blair, British Prime Minister:
“We need new networks, new relationships between countries and between people which mobilise the practical means of bringing the changes we want into being. Finally there is an urgency here. What is remarkable about Davos this year – and this has been true for some years now – is actually the degree of consensus around a values-based international agenda.”
13. Cutaway audience
14. SOUNDBITE: (English) Tony Blair, British Prime Minister:
“It’s what makes me optimistic. There is a true sense of global responsibility”
15. Audience applauding
16. Blair at podium
17. Wide of conference, Blair at podium
18. Blair shaking hands with US Trade Representative Susan
19. Wide of conference
“The mood in the US is in the process of a quantum shift,” he commented.

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